Skyrim to Win G4 Finals?

With as little as two hours left in the voting, Skyrim is inching ahead by several percents ahead of Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword in G4’s Best Game of 2011 Semi-Finals.  The winner of this round will proceed to the finals and go head to head with either Assassin’s Creed: Revelations or Gears of War 3.  It appears that Skyrim will go against Assassin’s Creed, if the polls continue as they have.  What’s my purpose of writing then?  Well, I didn’t vote, so I gleaned the poll information from comments and other sources, and if Skyrim doesn’t win from pure votes, it should win because of the etiquette of its fan base.

Yup– Zelda fans are behaving like little more than children as they berate their fellow commenters, and even G4 for being “biased” towards Skyrim.  They complain that Bethesda is promoting the voting for their game, and therefore they are reaping an unfair benefit.  Not only that, but the content of their posts ought to be censored in some cases!  Really?  From players of a children’s game?  You know these people are either older men in interesting situations or 12 year old boys.  Well, you can’t get votes without the fan base, and if you have a large enough fan base, you’re going to win.  The Wii-exclusive Skyward Sword is killing itself there– graphically and because of its novelty interface.  Not to mention that the Wii is usually found in households with small children and more casual gamers.  All of these other games that have made the semi-finals are serious games, played by adults or older children on serious (and sometimes not so serious) platforms.  Yes, it’s a popularity contest, do you think most gamers think beyond that?

Many of the comments in G4’s voting thread is littered with Zelda series fans who have little control over their fine motor skills, meaning their mouths.  Skyrim voter-commenters have kept their noses clean for the most part.  It’s a sad state when people can’t even vote on a game in peace.  We know that there is absolutely no hope of a sensible discussion of politics, but this lowers even further my expectations for humanity…

I won’t get into the nitty gritty details about how Skyrim outshines SS and many other games, as you can all infer that for yourselves, not to mention I’m sure you are well aware.

That being said, I hope Skyrim wins, though I withhold my vote.  It deserves it for its accomplishments as a standalone game, and also for remaining true to the excellence typical of the Elder Scrolls Series.


EDIT: WAIT…. What the hell happened here?! Skyward Sword against Assassin’s Creed in the finals?!  Wow… Skyrim lost by 2%?!  For a bunch of gamers who know how to cheat using the in-game console, I’m surprised to see that the SS fans were the ones “allegedly” using multiple accounts to vote. 2%?!

Says one user:

“Well when all the zelda fans said over and over again they were making multiple accounts, that pretty much ruined this competition for me. “

In the end, the honor of the competition was ruined on both sides from flaming, multiple account voting, and other shenanigans.  And the Zelda fans were upset because Bethesda encouraged their fans to vote?  That’s like saying an election is unfair because the Republicans encouraged their registered voters.  It’s not bullying at the booth, people.  Not like they got any special edition stuff for doing it.

I think this user sums up the case for Skyrim, in a short, sweet way that everyone can understand:

“I really think Skyrim should win this. In Zelda, you have to keep visiting the same locations during the main quest. The world is small. Can’t play the game for hours. It’s not multiplatform. While Skyrim you don’t visit the same locations you have already cleared in the main quest. World not small, play for hours. And it’s multiplatform.”

Not to mention that Skyrim is graphically superior and a demonstration of all the current technology in gaming has to offer, sans gimmicky motion detection.

“SS combat is intuitive,” say some.  Well, of course it is.  On Wii, you always have to resort to waving your arms around.  It’s a feature of the system, not the game.

Well… Skyrim won in my heart.  And that’s what counts.  There will still be a GOTY edition anyway.

~ by Kliban on December 5, 2011.

4 Responses to “Skyrim to Win G4 Finals?”

  1. I think I’m going to vote for Zelda after reading this. LOL j/k =P

  2. Sadly, most (if not all) fan-voting video game polls are little more than popularity contests. Given Zelda’s history, I would’ve been surprised if Skyrim won. Even if the voters kept it clean and only voted once, there’s no requirement to have played both games thoroughly so there was never any chance of a credible result. People who know their stuff aren’t going to let awards sway their next purchase one way or the other. For the consumers and retail staff that genuinely do place value on such awards, there will be plenty of shiny stickers to go around.

    You’re right, Kliban Katz, there will be a Skyrim GOTY edition, primarily because there are so many GOTY awards. Even in terms of just one website or magazine, there are several awards a publisher could use on a game package: Best of E3, Best RPG of E3, Western RPG of the Year, Game of the Year, Reader’s Choice, Best Studio, etc. And that’s not even getting into the endless number of review scores and quotes which could be used.

    • Exactly. And Skyrim received best RPG from G4’s X-play awards anyway. Also received GOTY, best RPG, and Bethesda also received best studio from Spike TV’s VGAs. Life’s good. lol

  3. Dunno which one is sadder about this article: The blatant display rapid Skyrim fanboyism or the fact that someone actually takes G4 seriously.

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