Culture Shock

With all of the gameplay changes in Skyrim and the development of the Nordic people, the change that I find hardest to adjust to is quite surprising.  I’ve never thought I was particularly attached to the Divines as a religion; I always thought of myself as more partial to the Daedra or even the Temple before the “Imperial Cult.”  However, the outlawing of Talos worship as per the White-Gold Concordat, leaves me feeling personally violated.  In writing my fan fic As the Threads Come Loose, I had called upon the Nine Divines and Tiber Septim hundreds of times in text for a myriad of reasons.  In detailing the thoughts of a worshipper of the Divines, it became as though even I believed in it, and believed in the solidarity of this religion as I wrote about it.  It was the official religion of Cyrodiil, after all.  I had to write like it was an integral part of the citizens’ lives.  To have the Nine Divines suddenly become the Eight Divines… well, to be honest, I did a double-take when I first heard it in-game.  I was suddenly angry at the Thalmor and could not fathom in the least why they would see it fit to settle a treaty around these demands.  There was no cool, standoffish feeling regarding politics that I might have felt when dealing with the Dunmer’s house disputes 200 years earlier.  I find myself vehemently wanting them out!

Other matters that cause me to become disturbed are:

  • Summerset Isle, the sunny Altmer island with such a benevolent-sounding name, has been renamed Alinor under Thalmor rule.
  • Elseweyr has seceded and Black Marsh turned on the Empire.
  • Hammerfell has been renounced as an Imperial Province.
  • Vvardenfell is all ashland now.
  • Anyone of any importance in Cyrodiil is dead, whether it be the 200 years in-between or the sacking of Cyrodiil to be the cause.
In fact, let’s just rewrite the damned map!

Tamriel ~4 E 201

It seems as though knowledge of all this is enough to force most Nords to the nationalist Stormcloak movement.

Truly, these Altmer—Mankar Camoran, and now the Thalmor—seem to be much more trouble than they’re worth.  I always knew they were too stuck up for their own good.


… Are these events, occurring in relatively rapid succession– the reincarnation of St. Nerevar, the fall of the Tribunal, the coming of the Bloodmoon, the Oblivion crisis and return of Mehrunes Dagon, the end of the Septim line, the resurfacing of the King of Worms, Sheogorath’s dissappearance, the interim turmoil wrought by the Thalmor, and finally the return of both Dovahkiin and Alduin— signaling the end of Nirn?

It’s like everything’s been leading up to this moment.  All other crises seem like child’s play, unimportant in the grand scheme of things.  But this is it.

Even counting the crises in Arena and Daggerfall—they still occur frighteningly close together along with the rest of the major events in the timeline.  That is a lot of heavy stuff to happen in 250 years.

We shall see.


~ by Kliban on November 15, 2011.

5 Responses to “Culture Shock”

  1. I wonder what would happen next then…

  2. full scale war over nirn, our enemies? the deadric princes, or a mirroring civilization on another continent of nirn!

  3. Or, Bethesda wants Tamriel crowding with disasters as long as it sells. I’m upset about TES: Online because of

    1- Changing the years of tradition,
    2- Affect the TES Lore desperately. Already messed up Tamriel at the last game like you said. And they will add new NPC’s, new creatures, new events and probably all of them will not be familliar with TES Lore.
    3- Bethesda should continue to develope what is already exist. Lots of bugs, lame gameplay, low degree of Role-playing factors…
    4- I hate online games. They’re mostly a way to make easy profit and I hate give my money at it.

  4. i see now that TES6 will be the last elder scrolls game 10+ years after skyrim,the empire vs the dominion while the daedra are returning since skyrim cannon is imperial victory plus you will play as the dragonborn from 5 being still alive, it will end in imperial victory with ending being a zoom out of the dragonborn taking the throne in a destroyed hall of kings in the imperial city until it zooms out to show all of Nirn the “end” will be written across the screen.

  5. Are you guys familiar with our own History??? If you think this facts are too much for 250 years, try taking a look on everything that happened between the XVIII and XX century. It’s really a bunch of stuff that leaded people to get so worried that in the final years of millenia (exactly 1985-1999) we all in our great foolishness thought about world’s ending.

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